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Two fics.

I'm looking for a fic that takes place after Bud loses his leg. He's really angry about it and there is a lot of crying. Mac goes in and sets him straight, even at the cost of their friendship and she lays into him pretty good and she goes outside and cries to Harm. In the end they are okay though.

second fic. Bud and Harriet witness something or accidentally get involved in something that makes Mac and Harm have to go into witness protection with baby AJ for a little while.

any help would be amazing, thanks guys!

Please help

A number of the sites I have linked to are no longer working! Does any one know how to find some of the older great JAG stories? Example when Harm and Mac have the Roberts kids cause their mom and dad die? Or the one about when Harms step dad dies and the press is only interested in the silent talk between Harm and Mac? Or the one where Harm takes Mac to a game at his old school with old against new? Or the one where Harm gets his foot stuck in the plane and has sex with Mac? There's more but there's would be a great start. I can't find the site reading between the lines. Does any one have a link or the stories that were there?

please any help would be great!
thank you

Hoping and Praying!!

I have no idea if anyone still watches this community or not. But I figured why not try. I am looking for a story, where Harm is kidnapped along with baby AJ, by a couple who wants a son or something. I am hoping that someone can help me.

Harm/Clay, AJ/Mac


I was looking for a story where Harm and clay get together. By the end of the story AJ and Mac are also together. I am sorry I don't have anymore info for you.



Harm/Clay stories


I was wondering if anyone could recommend any Harm/Webb stories. I have read some, but would really love to read more. I prefer the stories to be light on the angst. Thanks in advance....


Jag Fic Recs and Sites

Hi all-

I think that this is an awesome community.  I am looking for JAG slash fanfiction. I am really enjoying AJ/Harm. I am new to this fandom and was looking for stories to read. I have read the crossover stories posted on ncisficfind .

Thanks for all your help,

hello, well i reallize that i am the first one posting a real search here.
Hopefully some one can help me and we get this group of to a good start.:

I'm looking for a story in wich Harm has returned to JAG and everyone is ignoring him or giving him the cold shoulder. I believe he got sick and nobody noticed until it was almost to late.

Thank you for reading and for this lovely group. I'm looking foreward to spending time reading through it and maybe i can even help somebody else one day.


Welcome to my new community! This community was created after noticing that this fandom is lacking a place to search for those JAG stories that you have read but don't remember where, or maybe you are looking for recommendations of some good stories, this is your place.

Good luck with your searches!